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New products

Stroft Tippet System

Stroft GTM Tippet and the new Stroft Tippet Management System

Stroft tippet management systemThis system is available as a complete system (left) - excluding tippet rolls and can be used with 25 and 50m tippet rolls.
Includes five Stroft Cutter & retaining rings, a spool holder and Stroft short strap.
Perfect for holding, dispensing and trimming Stroft tippet.
The cutter is razor sharp and corrosion resistant.
It also includes color coded easy peel labels.

The following are available as separate items:

Stroft tippet mangement system Stroft tippet mangement system Stroft tippet mangement system
New Spool Holder, Short Strap, and Cutter Rings

Pulse Disc System by Brinefly

Pulse Disc from Brinefly Innovations
Adding a Pulse Disc to your fly will make the fly look like it’s swimming. Really swimming. It makes the fly wiggle like a real baitfish. Order a pack and see how each different size of Pulse Disc makes the different sizes of flies move through the water.
Simply tie a non slip loop with the Pulse Disc between the knot and the fly and your fly comes to life. It can also be used with duosnaps for toothy fish, and is available in seven sizes for #6 - 5/0 hooks. It is available in packs of six, as well as handy cost saving multi-packs of 24 units for #6 - 1/0 and #1/0 - 5/0 hooks.
The Pulse Disc works so well because it causes the same hydro-acoustical signature put out by the bait fish. The side to side movement is the same as the bait fish, and you can actually feel the pulsation in your hand.
The Pulse Disc has been tested by Bob Popovics, published author and guru in the fly fishing industry, who encouraged the production of the Pulse Disc prototype. See the video below.

Pulse Disc Multipack #1-4 FW x24
Pulse Disc Multipack #4-7 SW x24
Pulse Disc 6 pack #1 13mm
Pulse Disc 6 pack #2 16mm
Pulse Disc 6 pack #3 19mm
Pulse Disc 6 pack #4 22mm
Pulse Disc 6 pack #5 25mm
Pulse Disc 6 pack #6 28mm
Pulse Disc 6 pack #7 32mm

During a recent visit to Lakenvlei I had a chance to test these. Firstly, you need to match the disc and fly sizes, or nothing happens, but when you get it right, the way the fly moves is incredibly lifelike. A baitfish pattern actually swims like a fish.
It makes a bit of a 'woer-woer' sound on the cast and as the retrieve gets closer to the rod you can feel the vibrations from the disc. It's a good feeling.
But do they help you catch more fish?
Hoping that the buzz frequency would have fish coming from the other side of the dam to find the fly, was a bit of a long shot, but then again, we all dream. but that didn't happen. Doing a trawl test, across the dam and back, with and without the disc, the score was one-all, but it wasn't the perfect test. Fish will definately lock onto this thing when they see it.
The application makes a lot more sense in saltwater with bigger flies, especially as you are fishing baitfish type patterns most of the time. I cannot wait to hit the Breede mouth with these things. If you see a guy with a hunched back and an odd hat, swinging his flies across a rip and cackling like a mad scientist; that will be me. Perhaps I should wear a lab coat.
pulse disc brinefly

coq de leon for RAB flieshareline prism scalehareline turkey biots for fly tyingCoq de Leon, Prism Scale, Turkey Biot Quills and Liquid Fusion

Those special ingredients for Papa Roaches - olive flank feathers, and plastic eyes.

Also included was Elk Hair, Zonker Strips, Bucktail, Moose Mane and Yak Hair

hareline baitfish emulator flash

And the materials for tying the articulated Game Changer fly
Articulated fish spines, minnow body wrap and baitfish emulator flash.
flymen articulated fish spinehareline minnow body warap

New from Loon

loon tippet stackloon rigging foamloon uv clear flow

Tippet Stack - a handy way to store your tippet.
Rigging Foam - prepare your leaders with the flies in advance to allow quick changes fro changing conditions or if you break up or get tangled up.
UV Clear Fly Finish in a new size bottle.

travel vice with tools
And from Xplorer, this new handy compact travel vice, with quaility tools. It fits into a flybox (supplied)

stonfo thread splitterstonfo thread splitter

Stonfo Thread Splitter
This high precision tool from Stonfo allows you to split thin threads very easily, so you can make perfect dubbing loops on even the smallest size flies. The splitting operation which is usually a real pain to do manually, becomes much easier. It is ideal for those small CdC dubbing loops.

stonfo dubbing loop setDubbing Loop Set
To assist your Thread Splitter, Stonfo Hair clips are indispensable in processing dubbing loops, and you can use various types of hair and hackles. Produced of strong clear plastic material, the locking surfaces have a slight roughness that allow a perfect clamping of the fibers. Dubbing loop clips take the frustration out of trying to tame materials and insert them into a dubbing loop. Works perfectly with CdC, deer hair, smaller fiber dubbings, deer hair, synthetics or fibres. Two clips in a pack, 49mm across.

LED Vice LightLED Vice Light
Enlighten your vice, with a perfect travel tying light - cordless, lightweight and works anywhere. The bright battery powered LED provides good light and has a long battery life. Clamps to any 3/8" or 10mm vise stem and is easily adjustable to direct light exactly where you need it. Requires three AAA batteries (not included).

plastic fly rattle

Plastic Fly Rattle
Plastic Fly Rattles are ideal to add sound and a bit of weight to large streamer flies. These loud rattles are ideal for spicing up kob and bass flies to make them more 'findable' and attractive. These are tougher than glass beads and include a throat to make sure they are tied on securely. 20mm long, 10 per pack.

pattern patchesPattern Patches
For use with permanent markers or airbrush systems, you can make 5 different patterns on many surface types - foam, synthetic fibers, tubing, feathers or legs. Ideal for bringing out your creative side and producing realistic looking flies.

Sakura and Nissin Tenkara Rods

New stock for the summer season has arrived

sakura tenkara rods

pulse discWe also received the next batch of Pulse Discs as the first lot disappeared fast.

New with this batch is the combo saltwater pack with metal duosnaps.

These are designed for use with a wire bite guard or heavy mono.

Package includes:
Six #4 (7/8" diameter)
Six #5 (1" diameter)
Six #6 (1-1/8" diameter)
Six #7 (1-1/4" diameter)

LED magnifier lampDeluxe LED Magnifier fly-tying Light
This energy saving light features a super-sized 3 Diopter, 7 Inch lens, with crisp bright daylight illumination.
Ideal for use as a light source at you fly tying desk, as well as for tackling those small size 20 flies that you battle to see. It is also a good light source fro photographing your flies.
The LED lights last almost forever saving you replacement globes and electricity..
This desk clamp version is also available with a T5 fluorescent lamp, as well as a smaller 5" lens version. An optional desktop mount is available.

rod building components and sage advice
Rod Building components, blanks and tools
Click to see rod blanks and all the goods you will need to build or repair a rod.

New Wychwood products

wychwood river and stream reel  
New Wychwood lightweight reels from L-R. River & Stream reels #2/3 50g, #4/5 58g.  More details here.

wychwood river and stream rod

sageDigital Barometer - Altimeter

It is well known that a dropping barometer affects fishing in a negative way.
Don't get caught out!
This unit predicts and displays an array of weather information such as Barometer Pressure, Temperature and Weather Forecasting, and also the Altitude information with options of Absolute Altitude Measurement and Reference Altitude Measurement selectable by users.

It also has a Clock, Timer and Alarm functions are also available for all timing purposes. Together with an Ultra Bright White LED Torch which can be switched to Flash, this item will surely become one of the most wanted items of all fishing, hiking and outdoor lovers.
Key features include: Altimeter with Reference Mode or Absolute Mode and Auto Recording Built with High Quality Swiss Sensor Barometer with Temperature and Weather Forecast Alarm Alarm Clock with Timer Torch with Flash mode. Water Resistant (IXP 5)

New Fibres from Fishient

bvlack tungsten beadsSculpting Fibre and Sculpting Flash Fibre
A nice local substitute for EP Fibre. Give your imitations the edge by using this realistic Flash Fibre. Great for sculpting crustacean and profile baitfish type flies. The combination of micro flash along with our unique blends is deadly! Trims and shapes easily and is light and water resistant. R36.00 & R40.00 per hank.

sculpting fibre flyColours - White, Silver Grey, Yellow, Dark Orange, Natural Belly, Wild Olive, Light Purple, Light Pink, Shrimp, Natural, Camo, Misty Blue, Shaded Chartreuse, Sea Blue, Rainbow, Bucktail White, Mullet Brown, Herring Back, Violet Nigh,t Midnight Blitz, Chartreuse, Olive, Redfish, Electric Yellow, Pink, Brown Dark Grey, Turquoise, Sage, Spearmint, Green, Orange, Green, Dark Brown, Lemon, Gold, Pearl, Tan, Salmon, Peacock Blue, Royal Blue, Bronze, Camel, Misty Green Sea, Green Sand, Cerise, Hot Orange, Anchovy, Dark Green, Aquamarine, Bronze Back, Flu Chartreuse, Misty Camel, Light Coral, Purple Grape, Teal, Sunburst, Black, Dark Purple, Red, Peacock, Mackerel, Silverback, Dark Olive, Glass Minnow, Beige, Livebait, Olive Shiner, Rusty Olive.

grizzly fibreGrizzly Fibre

This perfectly barred synthetic GRIZZLY FIBRE will help you create strikingly realistic baitfish imitations. Use as a topping, tail or lateral line. Also superb for antenna on crustacean patterns.
Colours: White, Shrimp Brown, Wild Olive, Baitfish Green, Light Purple, Teal, Red, Orange, Hot Pink, Dark Purple, Royal Blue.

R28.00 per hank
bvlack tungsten beads

squirmy wormyWeather Station

Never be caught short by a dropping barometer again. This big 180mm combination weather station includes a Precision Hygrometer, Thermometer and Barometer.

It features a brushed gold surround and can be hung or inserted into a relevant hole.

 squirmy wormySquirmy Wormy Material

The Skirmy Wormi material has just landed. The new fly tying material that is catching huge amounts of fish all over the world.
60 worms per pack from Red to Glow in the Dark.

No more late night visits to your local adult store so you can tie the Vladi Worm, you can do the new improved version.

R60 per pack.

TFO Tenkara 'Soft Hackle' Rod

scientific fly signature series flies
The ultimate in simplicity and presentation. Based on a traditional Japanese method of fishing using only a rod, line and fly, tenkara fishing permits anglers to make precise casts, delicate presentations, and manipulate their fly with extreme ease. Telescoping down to 20 inches, the Soft Hackle rods are perfect for the backpacking angler. The rods come with a spare tip and second section. The rod sock has a unique line holder built in to help organize your line when not in use.
The rod features a full Flor grade cork handle, and a line kit is provided as an optional extra.
The line kit includes a #4.5 level line, as well as a 10.5' Traditional Tenkara Line. It also includes a booklet by Larry V. Knotley, titled 'Larry's Tenkara 101'.

  Dennis the Menace Fritz
dennis the menace fritzPerfect for Blobs, this dense material that ties up really well, and is ideally suited to most stillwater lures. The fritz pulsates in the water proving irresistible to trout and to the fly angler! Also great for Boobies. Let your imagination run wild! The twin colours are very bright and true, and really do shine out. Available in Black/Red, Olive/Red & Pearl/Red 15mm Fritz -

mini magnetic clipMini Magnetic Retainers

This very compact tool holder, with strong magnets, is ideal for small accessories like nippers,
quick release tool, forceps etc. It is really good for those tools you use further from your body, that a zinger does not reach.

bvlack tungsten beadsBlack Tungsten Beads

You read it correctly, it's plain black, not black nickle.
Sizes - 1.5, 2.0, 2.4 & 2.8mm
R45.00 - R69.00 per 25

xplorer guide II x-tenda fly rod
Explorer Nymphing Rods
Explorer have added some new rods to their Guide II range. Along with a 1wt 7'9" rod there is a range of nymphing rods. Those marked EXT are unique as they can be extended from 9ft to 10ft while fishing on the water, by utilising an extra 1ft section.  The models are:
10ft 3wt 5piece EXT
10ft 3wt 4piece
10ft 4wt 5piece EXT
10ft 5wt 4piece
Prices start at R2595.00

bullet conesSuper size Tungsten Cones
Battling to get your streamer down? These outsize 6mm diameter cones heads will do the trick.
They will add a new dimension to any fly.

Packets of 10, Colours: Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Orange & Fluorescent Pink.

Tube fly compatible. R155.00

scientific fly signature series flies
Signature Flies
Now in stock from Scientific Fly, the range includes Klipspringer DDD's in standard and yellow, as well as the Good Doctors Beetle, in bronze and purple.

rio euro nymph lineEuro Nymph line from Rio
The Perfect Line for Czech, Polish, and French style Nymphing. The Euro Nymph Line was designed by Steve Parrott to satisfy the need for a one size fits all European style Nymphing line that is competition legal.
The line is built on a thin diameter, low stretch, supple core to maximize sensitivity and allow for lightning fast hook sets, while a highly visible tip helps anglers detect the slightest of strikes.
This line is designed specifically for European style nymphing techniques, such as “French”, “Czech”, “Polish”, and “Spanish” styles. Ultra-thin, incredibly light line for the utmost in sensitivity
Conforms to international fly fishing rules Highly visible tip for detecting the subtlest of takes
Built on a supple, low-stretch core. For #2-5 weight Rods, the line is 24m Moss colour, with an Orange indicator Tip.

redington crosswater wadersRedington Crosswater Waders
Constructed from 3-layer, 100% Polyester, waterproof/breathable DWR coated fabric and are equipped with high density neoprene booties. Opposing buckles allow you to adjust the waist height for comfort and a secure fit. Integrated neoprene gravel guards and wading belt are designed for maximum security on difficult water. Designed to keep you dry and warm on your fishing adventures.

fishing stories for africaFishing Stories for Africa - Stories from the first ten years of The Fishing and Hunting Journal
Edited by Edward Truter & Martin Rudman
Art by Craig Bertram Smith
Softcover 300 pages 2014
Long ago when the waters of the world were still young and the fishes that lived in them held a new fascination for men, a hunter-gatherer told the first fishing story. Although fishing for survival is dying out, the tradition of telling fishing stories lives on.
In this collection of forty stories, previously published in the first ten volumes of The Fishing & Hunting Journal, twenty-nine authors share their fishing dreams, adventures and accounts of life on the water. Set mostly in Africa, they cover everything from wild times with tarpon in tropical seas to introspective tales of trout in mountain trickles.
Whether you have a passion for marlin, mudfish, or mullet, deep down fishing is one language and these are some of its stories. The 300 pages are filled with stories set to entertain anyone with an interest in fishes, fishing, or the outdoor lifestyle. 
Buy Online

fishing stories for africaAlso available in a

Deluxe signed and numbered hardcover edition

Buy Online

Fish Skull Products

bvlack tungsten beadsbvlack tungsten beadsflymen articulated fish spine

Fish Skulls (Small to Large), Fish Skull Masks (#3 - #10),
Articulated Fish-Spine (10, 15 & 20mm) and Articulated Shank (20mm)

fish skull articulated shank

The articulated fish spines go perfectly with the new sculpting fibres from Fishient we got in recently. Time to tie your own gamechangers.

xplorer guide III reel

New Xplorer Guide III Reel

traveller-rod-bag glacier abaco sun glove ascension bay glacier glove
Stripping/Fighting Sun Glove Fingerless Sun Glove 50+ UPF sun protection Dr. Shade™ 4 Way Stretch Breathable Nylon Synthetic Leather Palm with PU pads Abaco Bay Sun Glove Fingerless Sun Glove 50+ UPF sun protection Dr. Shade™ Lycra/Spandex Light Blue Camo Two Sizes only S/M and L/XL Ascension Bay Sun Glove Fingerless Sun Glove 50+ UPF sun protection Dr. Shade™ Lycra/Spandex Back with Synthetic Leather Palm Light Gray.
sterkies-bag shoulder-bag
Sterkies Gear Bag (rod excluded)

Shoulder Sling Bag

duffle rod bag emerger gear bag sili legs
Duffle & Rod bag

Emerger Gear Bag (rod excluded)

Sili Legs, 17 colours.
redington drift fly reel redington rise reel redington rise reel
Redington Drift. The go-to click and pawl trout reel. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized, it is lightweight and ultra-durable. Quick release spool. Nylon reel case included. Lifetime warranty.
Redington Rise Reel Their most popular, fully machined, aluminum reel. Various colours and performs in salt or fresh water. Medium arbor design for easier and quicker retrieve. Powerful cork and teflon drag system. Larger gripping zone on drag knob. Low profile spool release mechanism designed for easy removal.
Lifetime warranty.

rio fluoroflex plus tippet rio suppleflex leader  cork handled trout net
Rio Fluoroflex. Ultra strong, supple, 100% fluorocarbon with high knot strength. Ties excellent knots, even to nylon tippet and leaders.

Suppleflex Trout leaders Very soft, supple copolymer material with excellent knot strength. Gives featherweight presentations and does not impede the natural movement of a fly in the current. A perfect choice for the dry fly and soft hackle fly fisher. Camo butt. Alu frame cork handled nets, with internal measuring marker. Also available with built-in scale.

jam fly glitter foam
Due to demand, we have found someone to tie mand, we have found someone to tie JAM flies for us. The price at R99 is a bit scary, but there are always our original floating prawn flies
Sparkle Glitter Foam, 1mm, use it for any of your foam flies where you want some attention from fish.
felt for flies sparkle crease fly
Felt sheets for floating prawn flies. Make your fly in a range of prawn colours. Tying instructions are here
The above crease fly was made using sparkle glitter foam.

StreamX CapLED Cap

We have stock of a new LED cap with bright LED's in the front for walking, and then a few under the peak  for when you need discrete light for tying knots or changing flies in the dark. Use any of the lights, or both together
StreamX crease fliesCrease Flies

For those who don't want to tie their own Fly of the Month, we have ties some up for sale.

StreamX Cap
Rod building Components

We continue to increase our range of rod building materials,
one of the latest items are these beautiful matched reel seat and handle sets.

xplorer v-boat journey

Journey V-boats are now back in stock

New improved packs from Xplorer, Highlander (L) and Adventure (R).
highlander flyfishing pack adventure fly fishing pack

Fly rod bagsneoprene booties

Rod Bags, Soft Khaki with green trim for 4 piece rods in 10ft, 9ft, 8ft or smaller.

Neoprene Booties, have just arrived. 2mm neoprene, locally made, sizes S, M, L , XL, XXL. R130.00 per pair

ark streamx personal fishing craft ark streamx float tube v-boat
The perfect fishing craft has arrived, the Ark Dragonfly, a collaboration between Ark & StreamX. Row long distance in comfort, then Fin your way around for fine control.
Plenty of space for fishing bag, cooler box & accessories. Handles wind and chop well. Floats high and keeps your bum out the water Three tough air compartments for safety. Packs small and weighs under 20Kg inclusive. At R7500 this locally made product is half the price of a similar imported product
Testing the Ark StreamX

frontier flyfishing on the orange river for yellowfishAfter some discussion with the guys at Ark, I convinced them to make me a prototype floatation craft, something that is a cross between a float tube and a fishduc.
The prototype was tested at Lakenvlei against the criteria we had set. It had to row, paddle with fins like a float tube, not wet your butt, easily carried, a good amount of dry storage space, a minimum of three floatation chambers, not get blown around in the wind, and you had to be able to stand in it and fish without having to worry about it drifting away.

They certainly came up with the goods, with a product of better quality than products available overseas at over R17000 without shipping & vat.

It qualified with flying colours, fulfilling all the criteria, as well as being nice and comfortable to sit in and row. It rowed pretty quickly to the other side of Lakenvlei, where I was able to stow the oars and then use it like a float tube
minnow body wrap Fish-Skull-fish-Mask fish skulls
Minnow Body Wrap
The famous material used to tie the 'Game Changer'! But don’t stop there, get creative. The material works easily, trims easily, is extremely versatile, and takes colours well with markers. Perfect for use with the 'Articulated Fish Spines'.
Available in Pearl White and UV White.
Fish Skull Fish Masks The Fish-Skull® Fish-Mask is an ultra-lightweight Fish-Skull® designed for tying weightless streamers with a realistic baitfish head profile that includes recessed eye sockets. Moulded from a crystal clear, fluoro-epoxy material, it takes on the colours of the body materials. Offers a effective alternative to using epoxies to create heads. From size #8 to 6/0. Fish-Skull is a weighted head that has a realistic baitfish profile and is specifically designed for tying freshwater and saltwater streamer fly patterns.
3D eyes included with every pack.
Sizes; Small, Small/Medium, Medium, Large in Silver.
prism-scale rainbow-brass-beads purple-haze
Prism Scale Film Imitate real fish scales on your flies with this adhesive backed clear vinyl film with fishy prism scale effects. Add it to a fly for a lateral line or a body shape. You can also cover popper bodies or crease flies for realistic effects. Available in Small, Medium & Large Scale. Multihued Rainbow Brass Beads
Each bead has a kaleidoscope of color. Will reflect different color hues as your flies move through the water.
Sizes 2, 2.4, 2.8, 3.3 & 3.8mm
Purple Haze Holographic Flash Fibres
When the light hits this material you get a rainbow of purple red hues.
flytyz-hackle-tweezer Tyflyz Tools Hackle Tweezer
Holds your hackle and does not let go!

airflo competitor fly box indicator braided loop airflo wychwood truefly floating braided loop
Airflo Competitor Fly Box Box
Waterproof with the capacity to store over a 1000 flies Dimensions – 28 x 21 x 6.5cm
Indicator Braided Loops
Easy to attached braided loops in  coloured two tone indicator.
Floating Braided Loops
No knots required. Soft and supple to maintain top quality presentation

j-vice line winder 
Line Winder. You can use it to put new lines onto your reel, wind lines off your reel for cleaning or storage, or use it to change lines from reel to reel. It folds up to a compact size which makes it ideal for travelling.

camo tungsten sage beads UV Film stonfo micro hackle pliers 577 mucilin quick sink
Camo Tungsten Beads At 98% Tungsten these anodised beads are of the highest quality you can buy and are thus are super heavy. Their main appeal is the colour mixture of Green, Brown, Yellow and Gold making them look completely natural to fish. Available in 2, 2.4, 2.8, 3.2 and 3.8mm. 20 beads per pack. UV film An versatile ultra reflective UV Film, Perfect for Shell Backs, Wings, Fins & Tails. Available in UV Blue, UV Olive, UV Peacock, UV Pink and UV Yellow. Micro Hackle Pliers
These popular hackle pliers are now available in a micro version
Mucilin Quick Sink Add a very small amount of water to the material. Apply to a nylon cast and allow a little time to dry, will greatly aid sinking your cast.
booby eyes mixed packet snipe skin kingfisher skin thin skin
Booby Eyes Mixed packets of 110 Booby eyes. Black, White, Orange, Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue, Chartreuse, Green, Olive & Purple. Snipe Skin Kingfisher Skin Thin Skin Thin transparent material. Shiny on one side matt on the other, easy to cut to shape. Many many uses. Speckled Tan/Black Colour: Speckled Olive/Black Colour: Speckled Clear/Black

New flies - just added to our range, flexifloss bloodworm and stillwater damsel
fly fishing fliesfly fishing flies

rio agent x fly line dressing stroft tippet holder airflo super dri elite fly line
Rio AgentX
The Line Dressing to keep your fly line working in tip top shape. An easy application will keep your line casting further and floating higher much longer than untreated versions. Use with Rio Wondercloth for best results.
SemperFli Nano Silk in new Sizes
Soon available in an ultra fine 18/0 (30 Denier) in all colours,
as well as white in a thick 6/0.
The original is a 12/0 50 denier thread.
Airflo Super Dri Elite
Available in 3 to 7wt

A Hydro- phobic coating that is a permanent part of the fly line and repels water better than any other material for the highest float ever.

predator dvd Predator DVD Gin-Clear Media's PREDATOR (Drake Video Awards ’Best Movie’ 2012, as well as two other awards) is the follow-up to the highly acclaimed HATCH. Fly fishermen have always lusted after big fish, those large predators that dominate the rivers, lakes and oceans in which they preside. PREDATOR explores the globe for the largest and most powerful fish that can be taken with a fly rod.
These large predators employ all sorts of techniques to maximise their chance of catching prey. Some, like the queenfish, use pure speed to outrun and crush their prey in the surface film. Pike lay in ambush, ready to explode on their prey in the chalkstreams of England. Others, like the mighty barramundi of Australia's North, use brute power to get a feed.
Regardless of the species, a film about fishing for the world's greatest predators is guaranteed to be a visual extravaganza. PREDATOR was produced by the Gin Clear Media team, who have produce other prize winning movies like The Source: New Zealand, and is narrated by Greg French.
See the preview at 
Click on the picture to buy online at Netbooks


wychwood fly patch wychwood dry fly box
New Wychwood fly patch (L) and dry fly compartment box (R) in small and large size.

 wychwood river & stream rod

stroft gtm leader stroft tippet holder nipper tungsten
Knotness Tapered Leaders made from the award winning Stroft GTM Also in is a handy tippet spool holder for the Stroft 50m spools.

Nipper - Tungsten Carbide Tipped - The cutting blades are Tungsten carbide inserts which cut smoother and stay sharp longer than any other edge. These are the best snips you can buy.

jvice hackle plier and third handjvice brush maker

New Wychwood River & Stream range of presentation rods.  Super fine, lightweight actions Super slender rod blanks. Perfect for river/stream fishing. Short-range presentation casting. Real burl wooden reel seat. Anodised Aluminium fittings. Premium AAAA grade cork handle. Carbon/glass fibre storage tube. All models are 4 piece. #2 6ft -- #3 in 7ft, 7ft6, 10ft & 11ft -- #4 in 8ft, 8ft6, 9ft, 10ft & 11ft -- #5 in 9ft & 10ft. More details here.

wychwood easy drogue sage wychwood spool band wychwood seat cover wychwood pack-lite rucksack sage wychwood hand towel sage

hanak fly fishing hook    hanak fly fishing hook
New range of heavy buzzer hooks & medium wire long shank nymph & wet fly hooks.s.

hanak fly fishing hook    hanak fly fishing hook
Tungsten bodies, in black and gold, H300 hooks in new colours - bronze and gold.

"Buff" UV protective Climate Scarves

buff scarf

Brown Camo


Blue Camo



Pink -

TFO Half-weight 5ft 3 piece

tfo finesse half weight rodtemple fork outfitters half-weight rod

A new Stream Rod is now available in the TFO Stable. TFO recently added the lilliputian half weight rod their Finesse Series. This 5ft Ultralight 3 piece fly rod with sliding band cork reel seat is perfect for small streams and/or tight casting situations. At only 34grams it works wonderfully with #1 or #2 weight fly lines, with most people preferring the #2 The Finesse Series Half Weight is engineered with the same materials and taper that facilitates such accurate and delicate presentations that the TFO Finesse family is known for. This featherweight little rod is guaranteed to make you smile. The Half Weight features a cigar-style grip comprised of flor grade cork and is handsomely finished with a burled cork butt. Two adjustable sliding rings enable varying reel placements for finding the perfect balance.

"THERE ought to be a warning label on the the TFO 0.5wt Finesse rod. And not one of those silly California-led ones warning you not to eat a graphite fly rod as it causes cancer. Nope this rod could seriously affect your standing in public eye, and perhaps your mental framework, at least as it pertains to fly fishing. Pick up one of these and you are going to be wearing a silly grin for a good while, the sort of grin that is going to make people think you have done something, if not illegal, certainly worthy of suspicious. Buy one and you are going to be dreaming about ways to use it, probably against manufacturer’s recommendations. Yup you are going to be trying to figure out how big and bad a fish you can test it against. A five-foot, half weight rod is designed for smallish flies on smallish water, tiny creeks: dry flies and small nymphs. But seriously you are going to have strange urges, like using this to cast to big rising browns all summer, or perhaps a popper at a smallmouth or monster bream, or crazier like carp. You probably shouldn’t come and cast this rod, its about as much fun as you can have with your waders on."
From the ozarkflyfisherjournal

"TFO tailored these rods for smooth, accurate and delicate presentations and they roll cast like a dream." -Ed Jaworoski

The perfect cup of coffee at the stream or dam, or at home.
aerobie aeropress coffee makerThe perfect cup of coffee is now within reach of fishermen or campers. Designed to take the complications out of coffee, the Aeropress combines the infusing properties of the French press with the pressure of the espresso to produce your perfect brew, simply!.
Change the water/coffee ratio to produce the brew you want, from expresso to americano. It is light enough to go in your backpack, simple to use and doesn't take up much space.
SMOOTHEST Gentle air pressure brewing yields rich flavor with lower acidity and without bitterness.
RICHEST Total immersion brewing results in uniform extraction of the ultimate in full coffee flavour. Other coffee makers drip hot water on bed of grounds, over extracting at the centre and under extracting at the edge.
PUREST Micro filtered for grit free coffee – unlike other press-type coffee makers.
FASTEST One minute from start to enjoy. The actual press time takes only 20 seconds.
"The quality of the coffee it yields, has to be tasted to be believed. I own every brewing device known to man, and they have been gathering dust since the AeroPress made its way into our house." - Kevin Knox, 28 year specialty coffee industry verteran and author of "Coffee Basics."
Coffee shop coffee quality at the stream using fresh water. Beat that!

R450 incl postage and a bag of freshly ground coffee.

Rod tube
For 3 piece rods and reel
rod tube

Montana Fly Company sage fly boxNew Items from Montana Fly Company.
Part function, part art, kinda like your cast.

River Camo Aluminium Fly boxes
Aluminium, rugged, and graced with art that is simply too beautiful to hide in some dark vest pocket.
Artworks are: Sundells 'Brookie Skin' (top), then Sundells 'October Brown', Sundells 'Starlight Rainbow', Maddox's 'Not Over Yet' and Udesen's 'Montana Brown'.
 Montana Fly Company Aluminium Compartment box 10 compartment
 Montana Fly Company Aluminium Compartment box or slit foam.
Also available in plastic

 River Camo Nippers to match. Durable camo coating, tungsten carbide tips.

 Montana Fly Company nipper  
sage Montana Fly Company scissors Montana Fly Company scissor forceps Montana Fly Company scissors
River Camo Forceps
Durable coating, sanded stainless steel tips, perfect for pinching barbs.

River Camo Scissor Forceps
Durable coating, serrated scissors, sanded stainless steel tips. For pinching barbs, removing hooks and cutting.
River Camo Scissors
Durable coating, super sharp serrated blades, sanded Japanese Stainless Steel tips.

Thinkfish Flypad Flybox System
thinkfish flypadthinkfish flypad box
Flyboxes with interchangeable leaves are nothing new, but now Thinkfish brings us a truly modular flybox system, which certainly raises the bar on flyboxes and fly storage systems. The system adds structure to the way we carry and store flies, which makes it a desirable addition to any fly fisherman’s kit.

The system starts with the Flypad a beautiful, strong, waterproof box with a clear lid that allows you to see the flies without opening the box.
Its ergonomic design allows a thin container with a high storage capacity (17cm x 8.5cm x 2cm).

Next are the interchangeable Flypad TRAYS, an innovative system for selecting the set of flies and/or nymphs and/or streamers, appropriate to each fishing scenario.
You are able to choose trays with different interiors for different flies. Set up you flies by type or by fishing scenario, and choose the trays you need for the day.

thinkfish flypad tray

You can then store your FLYPAD and TRAYS in the Flypad BOX , which can store 2 flypads and 8 trays.
It can store and transport more than 1200 flies in a strong and compact 20cm x 20cm x 11cm fully ventilated BOX.

The waterproof locking system for the FLYPAD is created by using 8 neodymium magnets and high density neoprene.
The THINKFISH FLYPAD system carries a 3 year guarantee for technical manufacturing defects.
thinkfish bold reel
Also from Thinkfish, the BOLD automatic reel with spare spools available

Popular Items from Netbooks - click on image for more info and to buy online
More details.
DVD, Only the River Knows. A Fly Fishing Tragedy Takes place at the legendary Lethe River on New Zealand's South Island. In 1988, Lars Lenth, spent three months exploring the fabled river and fishing for its abnormally large trout. At night, he would sit down in a remote cabin and write down his experiences in a journal. Nearly 25 years later, the young trout bum Rolf Nylinder looses his wayand by chance, finds the journal, full of insights about the very soul of fly fishing.  DVD 80 minutes PAL The Manzanar Fishing Club This documentary covers a little know era in flyfishing during World War 2, when over 100,00 people of Japanese descent in America were interned in Concentration Camps. The movie chronicles these internees from a unique perspective: through the eyes of those who defied the armed guards, barbed wire and searchlights to fish for trout in the surrounding waters of the Eastern Sierra.   DVD 60 minutes Fisheye A Guide to Angling Photography "Matt Hayes has made more than fifteen series for Discovery television and has appeared in Angling Times for over twenty years.  A detailed exposition of how to tackle photography, both of angling itself, and of the sort of situations which anglers find themselves in when pursuing their sport. Hundreds of pictures by Matt Hayes.

Micro Flash
A finer version of Krystal flash. Great for smaller flies. Black, Olive, Pearl and Red
micro flash sage

stripped peacock quillPeacock Hand Stripped Quill
Hand stripped peacock quills give great segmentation by tying with touching turns and coating with Clear Cure Goo.

Chadwick 477 Wool

chadwick 477 wool

Have a yearning to tie a Sawyer's Killer Bug?

Here's your chance.

crab body expando tubing

Nature Skin Crab Bodies
Large - Pearly Light Olive, Olive, Tan and Brown A great looking crab body imitation that fish will hold on to.
Expando Tubing Large Pearl from Clear Cure
Expando / Flexo Tubing in 1/2" expands to 1 1/4" It can be coated with Clear Cure Goo to create some cool bodies (like crab, shrimp and baitfish bodies).

fly fishing netsNew Nets

We have just received a batch of Bamboo nets.
Standard net with knotless black bag(top)
Long handled net with knotless black bag (middle)
Jumbo boat net with knotless sage bag (bottom)

grizzly flutter legs silicone flutter legs

Grizzly Flutter Legs The buggiest silicone legs we've ever seen! Barred on both sides and available in a ton of colors. 4 bunches of legs per pack. Grizzly flutter legs work on dries, nymphs and streamer patterns. Silicone so they don't get brittle in the sun like rubber legs. Insect Green, Sage, Orange, Rootbeer, Shrimp Pink, White, Charteuse barred Black, Purple barred Hot Pink, Clear Chartreuse, Clear Pearl, Clear UV Pearl, Fluorescent Fire Orange, Fluorescent Green Charteuse, Grizzly, Hot Pink, Hot Yellow. Silicone Flutter Legs

Solid color flat shaped Silicone Legs that flutter in the current and wiggle on the surface. We really like silicone for our legs rather than rubber as it lasts longer and moves better. The flat shape of the Flutter Legs is perfect for streamers, big dries and bass flies. Black, Fl Green Charteuse, Fl Hot Pink, Fl Orange, Fl Yellow Chartreuse, Hot Yellow, Blue, Olive, White and Brown

turkey biots saltwater yak hair

Turkey Biot Quills
Hareline Turkey Biot Quills are great for biot body flies. They are excellent for wingcasings and even wings. Purple and Dark Olive added in 2012. Two Feathers per pack. Looking for bigger Biots than Goose Biots? Try these for size. 24 colours.
Yak Hair for saltwater flies. This is a perfect material for large patterns. Saltwater Yak Hair has been tough to come by lately and we have found some in white only. Still a favorite for large Bait fish patterns. Easy to use, super long and tough.

Gartside's Secret Stuff is no longer a Secret

Looks like someone figured it out and has made these fantastic products from it.
Since the secret is out, they made it from the same material as ice dubbing.

Minnow Back Shimmer Fringe
Ice Dub Minnow Back Shimmer Fringe is stacked fused Ice dub fibers in unique color mixes. Best use is for winging minnow patterns. So easy to use as it's already "on a hide" and stacked into perfect minnow colors. Each package comes with two fused "synthetic hides" approx 3.5 inches long. We have used this material in a variety of streamers for both salt and fresh water. So easy to use it's silly. Combine some eyes and epoxy or Clear Cure Goo and you are all set to fish for fish eating fish.
ice dub minnow back shimmer fringe
Chartreuse Peacock back*, Shell Pink Hot Pink back, Yellow Pearl Charteuse back, Hot Pink Purple back, Pearl Bronze Herring back*, Pearl dark UV Blue back, Pearl Gray Bronze back*, Pearl Olive UV Blue back*, Pearl Peacock back, Pearl Yellow Bronze back and Pink Bronze back.
*These items have not been sent with this shipment but will be available later.

Shimmer Sheer
Ice Dub Shimmer Sheer material made of Ice Dub. Has a great sheen for wings, backs and cheeks. It is fused and is a lighter more delicate material that will work for wings and wingcases without additional glue or goo. Add a sheer wing case on stardard trout nymphs easily with this material. Great for covering foam on salt water flies. One sheet per package
ice dub shimmer sheer
Black Pearl, Olive, Peacock Eye, Pearl, UV Pearl

Shimmer Fringe
Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe is fused Ice Dub fibers for super easy use. Ice dubbing is one of our favorite fly tying products. Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe is a combination of Angel Hair and Ice Dub. Ice Dub Shimmer fringe comes with three patches for super easy use. For wings just cut off a bit and lay it over the top of your fly patter. Add eyes and you have a killer bait fish imitation. Way more manageable than hanked material or loose fibers in a bag.
ice dub shimmer fringe
Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe comes in these killer colours: Black Pearl, Fluorescent Chartreuse, Fluorescent Hot Pink, Fluoresecent Shell Pink, Minnow Mix Pearl, Peacock Eye, Peacock Green, UV Pearl, Yellow and Dark UV Blue

Loon UV gooey stuff and fly tying powders

sagefly rodsagefly rod

You can now add sparkle or weight into your goo, wether it is epoxy or clear cure goo. Loon now have a UV clear fly finish which is available in thin and thick versions. The Pearl Fly Tying Powder is available in Blue, Green, Red and White as well as Phosphorescent Pearl. If you want to make the fly heavier, add some of the sparkly Tungsten Powder to your shaped head. Mix it all up in the flexible Mixing cup, and  when the glue or epoxy hardens you squeeze the cup and it pops right out.

sage colour bamboo flyboxBamboo Fly Box
At last, a eco-friendly fly box!
This well made box is 14 x 9 x 4 cm and has place for 192 flies.
Features hidden brass hinges and uses a magnetic lock.

sage colour bamboo flyboxBoat Box for Flies
Perfect for those big flies you use for saltwater, or a bunch of smaller ones for your boat or float tube, this 28 x 21 x 6cm Box comes with a usefull carry handle.
Made from tough ABS plastic, it can withstand hard knocks, and is splash resistant, so you wont get your flies all wet and rusted when spray comes over the bow.

Rio Hover line RIO's new Hover fly line has an ultra slow sink rate of approximately one inch per second - almost half that of a regular intermediate line. It is ideal for fishing just below the surface and also a great choice on windy days when anglers need to fish shallow but don’t want the wind to affect the line.

Due to its slow sink rate, it is perfect for fishing nymphs and chironomids just below the surface, when fish are feeding in the top layers of the water column and for fishing fast streamers without waking the fly.
The Hover line is a subtle olive color that blends with surroundings beautifully and provides a stealthy approach for wary fish. Available in WF4S1-WF6S1, this line has a welded front loop for fast rigging.

Rio Intouchline
RIO's new INTOUCH fly line is the most incredibly advanced range of sinking lines ever made. A medium sinking line with a sink rate of 5-6 inches per second (Deep 5) or 7-8 inches per second (Deep 7). A powerful head loads the rod up from the first cast; welded loops on the front end allow anglers to change rigs at high speed; RIO's non-stretch "ConnectCore™" core results in fantastic sensitivity for detecting the softest take, and a unique "hang marker" shows anglers when the line is coming to the end, or when to fish the "hang." Non-stretch core for the ultimate in sensitivity and hook setting capability. Powerful, front loaded head for easy casting and maximum distance. Density Compensated for perfect fly control. Initially available in 6wt.

Orvis Superfine Touch Rods
Orvis Superfine Touch Rod
Precision casting redefined. Unequaled from 15’ to 30’ A traditional unsanded chassis with a brand new graphite engine, that redefines precision casting. Using the newest in Orvis carbon-based composites impregnated with a new epoxy-based resin system with plasticizers for a toughened resin system, Superfine Touch offers the lightest and most powerful graphite ever with the ability to load as well at 15' as it does at 30'. The Full-Flex action offers a smooth-loading rod that flexes across the length of the rod, resulting in the most delicate of presentations. This is a precision caster’s dream that is smoother casting and lighter than ever before possible.
Available in 2wt 8' 4 piece, 3wt 8'6 4 piece.

Daiwa Lochmor SLA Reels

LA3/4 4.1oz WF4F + 75yds / 20lb backing
LA5/6 4.2oz WF6F + 75yds / 20lb backing

CNC machined from bar stock aluminium the new Lochmor S reels perform with the incredible precision conveyed by their looks. All models feature an incredibly smooth disc drag system and the exposed spool rim allows for easy palm control during runs.

New Jig Hooks from Hanak
hanak competition hooks
Daiwa Wilderness River Net

This large river net features AquaDry mesha in a concealed mesh rim. The head is 50cm long and 40cm wide, with  soft grip handle it gives you a 70cm reach.
Snowbee 3 in 1 Hand Trout Landing Net
Ultra lightweigh D-section frame with hexagonal mesh knotless net, comes complete with 2 telescopic aluminium handles a 30cm to 46cm (fits international competition rules) and 64cms to 115cm.
Frame Size 40 x 50 cm.

loon caddy
New Loon Caddies
At last there is something that will hold your floatant powder>
Large - fits 'top ride' and a liquid floatant
Medium - holds 'top ride' only

Shot Dispensers

shot dispenser

shot dispenser
loon caddy

Flashabou Mirage Slit Fringe Skirt
This opal coloured tinsel is for streamers, tube and saltwater flies. All the material is cut from one sheet and tinsels are attached on the lower edge of the sheet, making it easy to use, from smaller streamers to skirts on big sailfish flies. It is perfect for tying large saltwater baitfish patterns that require some serious flash. Wind on the hook shank or popper head and you are done. Size of the one sheet is about 10 x 45 cm. Width of a strip is about one millimetre.

Mayfly Bodies
mayfly bodies
Colours available: Hare’s Ear, Pale Yellow, Rust Brown, Tan (illustrated) as well as Grey, Brown & Olive

snoek fly
It's snoek season and I have just tied up some Denton's Deadly Divers.Give it a go.

clear cure goo tack free

J:Son realistic foam

J:Son caddis legs

BVK rod extension

Convert your TFO BVK 3WT 8' dry fly rod into a 10' nymphing rod with any easy conversion butt section.

Fly tying foam for poppersBig foam for making poppers
This very high density foam is in 40 x 100 x 200mm blocks, and is easily cut or machined.

tube fly products
We stock a full range of Eumer tube fly products, individual items as well as starter kits

Specials are here

And don't forget that
Netbooks Fly Fishing Books & DVD's Cape Town, South Africa
has a massive selection of fly fishing books